30 Min: Bodyweight Abs and Booty

30 Min: Bodyweight Abs and Booty

Tone your tush and whittle your waist with this 30-minute routine.

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30 Min: Bodyweight Abs and Booty
  • Squats | Legs

    Perfect your squat form and feel the burn in your legs and glutes with this tough routine.

  • Progression Floor | Core

    This workout is a progression, so the variations get more difficult as it goes on. If you find that you come to a place that’s difficult enough to challenge yourself, stick there and focus on form with a goal of moving through the full progression in time. These abdominal-isolating holds, pulses,...

  • Elbows Clams | Glutes

    This bodyweight glute routine is low impact with serious benefits. In just under 12 minutes, you'll be feeling the burn!

  • Plank | Abs

    Planks may be intimidating, but this series of plank variations spices up the classic plank for a fun and taxing workout!