40 Min: Advanced Bodyweight Workout

40 Min: Advanced Bodyweight Workout

Get ready to sweat! This advanced total-body workout routine only requires your bodyweight, but trust me, you'll be feeling the burn as we work through each muscle group and end with a relaxing cool-down.

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40 Min: Advanced Bodyweight Workout
  • High Impact | Warm Up

    Start your workout strong with this warm-up full of hops, squats, and constant movement!

  • Kicks | Cardio

    Don’t be intimidated by the idea of some kicking—even if you don’t look like a professional dancer as you do it, you can get the benefits of this tough cardio workout. Listen to your body and kick as low or high as you can with proper form.

  • Legs | 421

    This workout focuses on side-to-side movement to strengthen your hips, legs, and glutes.

  • Single Arm | Arms

    Any imbalances you have will definitely come out as we focus on single-arm movements in this workout.

  • All Fours | Back

    This lower back-focused circuit uses modified movements to stabilize and elongate your core muscles. Starting on all fours, you’ll move through a progression that becomes more challenging with each new modification.

  • Reverse | Abs

    Target the deepest layer of your abs with this tough core workout that will test your strength and stability.

  • Seated | Cool Down

    Starting off with the upper body—including some stretches you could even do at your desk if you sit all day at work, this sequence will loosen your muscles from head to toe.