40 Min: Bodyweight Total-Body and Cardio Workout

40 Min: Bodyweight Total-Body and Cardio Workout

If you love to feel the burn as your muscles work, this is most definitely the workout for you. The best part? You don't need any weights to get it done!

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40 Min: Bodyweight Total-Body and Cardio Workout
  • Jump Rope | Warm Up

    When in doubt, jump it out to get warmed up!

  • Descending | Cardio

    If you’re the type who loves a good countdown, this workout is for you. At the start, you’ll do 4 moves, 10 reps each, then move into 9 reps of each, 8 reps, and you get the idea. By the end, you’ll be thankful you’re only doing one of each!

  • Stability | Legs

    Want to fire up your glutes and stabilize your hips? This workout focused on single-leg movements is just what you need.

  • Open Strong | Arms

    Tone your upper body while you open up and mobilize your shoulders in this no-nonsense arm series.

  • All Abs | Abs

    There's a lot more to your abs than just your six-pack muscles on the surface. This workout hits every single muscle in your abs to cinch your waist and build serious core strength.

  • Tennis Ball Shoulders and Hips | Foam Roll

    Shoulders and hips feeling tight? All you need is a tennis ball or other small ball to release tension with these simple yet effective movements.