40 Min: Cardio Yoga and Total-Body Strength

40 Min: Cardio Yoga and Total-Body Strength

Join me for a barre-inspired warm-up, cardio yoga to get your heart pumping, then a healthy dose of total-body mat work!

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40 Min: Cardio Yoga and Total-Body Strength
  • Barre | Warm Up

    This barre-inspired warm-up routine will get your muscles moving smoothly and your heart pumping in no time.

  • Yoga | Cardio

    I designed this fast-paced yoga routine to get you sweating while you open up your joints and lengthen your muscles. Shoulders and abs are the stars of the show. But don’t worry, we’ll take some time to hold certain poses and loosen up key areas like the hips.

  • Toes Down and Up | Legs

    This difficult yet effective routine is a total leg workout when performed correctly, so make sure you pay attention to my cues and get it done!

  • Plank | Back

    There’s no question that planks are difficult, but they strengthen your whole core—abs, back, hips, and even glutes and hamstrings. This challenging workout moves through a series of plank modifications and yoga-inspired transitions to give you a total core and back workout.

  • All Fours | Glutes

    Fire up your glutes without getting off the mat! This floor workout is done on all fours, but it'll have you feeling the burn.

  • Figure Four | Abs

    This ab workout is centered around the figure four position, and it's not easy. Take modifications as you need, and get those abs working!

  • Seated | Cool Down

    Starting off with the upper body—including some stretches you could even do at your desk if you sit all day at work, this sequence will loosen your muscles from head to toe.