55 Min: Reformer Total-Body Routine

55 Min: Reformer Total-Body Routine

In this full-body workout, we'll work on strength and mobility using the reformer, boxes, and straps in just under an hour.

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55 Min: Reformer Total-Body Routine
  • Eves Lunge | Reformer Pilates

    I created this lunge series to stretch and strengthen your legs with the help of the reformer. Keep my cues in mind and take any modifications you need to get the most out of this workout.

  • Scooter | Reformer Pilates

    Get ready to feel those leg muscles! We'll focus on one leg at a time in this scooter segment that'll get your quads and hamstrings burning.

  • Abs Short Box 2 | Reformer Pilates

    Work your entire core with this intentional ab sequence that includes slow, controlled movements on the reformer.

  • Arms Series 3 | Reformer Pilates

    Tighten and tone those biceps and triceps with this routine that takes you through a series of movements using straps.

  • Planks 2 | Reformer Pilates

    Who doesn't love a good plank? You'll move through several dynamic and static variations in this core-crushing workout.

  • Extension 4 | Reformer Pilates

    Hit your booty, lower back, core, and upper body with this extension-focused workout.

  • Legs in Straps 1 | Reformer Pilates

    Also called the "dessert of Pilates," this legs and straps work will have you feeling the fire in your legs. Pay attention to my cues and work within your range of motion to get the most out of this series.