• Intro | Back

    Low-back pain is a common complaint, and it’s one that should be addressed—your back muscles are part of your core and keep you standing tall, so they’re always working. If you sit down for much of the day, tend to slouch, or look down at your phone, you might end up with back pain when you go to...

  • All Fours | Back

    This lower back-focused circuit uses modified movements to stabilize and elongate your core muscles. Starting on all fours, you’ll move through a progression that becomes more challenging with each new modification.

  • Basic Prone Sequence | Back

    This workout may be done with minimal movement in the prone—lying on your stomach—position, but your upper, mid, and lower back will be elongated and feeling the burn once you’re done. You’ll start noticing muscles you don’t often think of, like your middle trapezius, when you work through these ...