• Kicks | Cardio

    Don’t be intimidated by the idea of some kicking—even if you don’t look like a professional dancer as you do it, you can get the benefits of this tough cardio workout. Listen to your body and kick as low or high as you can with proper form.

  • Everything | Cardio

    This cardio workout has something for everyone, tackling hip mobility, stretching, leg and shoulder strength through a series of moves that you’ll want to make some space for if you can.

  • Hops and Taps | Legs

    Get your lower-body fired up with this quick yet effective plyometric routine.

  • Intro | Cardio

    There’s no better way to kick off or end your workout for the day than a bit of cardio, and these routines are designed to get your heart pumping and ready for a productive session, no matter what workout lies ahead.

  • Upper + Core | Cardio

    You don’t need weights to get a good upper body and core workout in, and this cardio workout proves it. You might want to go as fast as you can, but as you work through these movements, get used to the motions first before you pick up the pace to make sure you’re doing them safely.

  • Lateral | Cardio

    Moving laterally, or from side to side, is a great way to open up your hips and get moving differently if you typically bike, run, or even if you sit for much of the day. Work within a comfortable range of motion for your own body, and remember to check in on your breathing through this routine a...

  • Cardio Balance | Cardio

    Good balance is key in everyday life and your workouts. This challenging routine will have you working on stability throughout the ankles, knees, and legs while you break a sweat. When it gets tough, remember to breathe and smile through it—your body will thank you.