Sculpt + Strength

Advanced sculpting sessions using small props for increased intensity and a major burn.

  • Skinny Dippers | 10 min

    Cinch that waist with this series while lengthening and toning the abdominals! This short and spicy workout requires no equipment.

  • Full Body Live Class | 3.1.23

    This 45 minute mat strength workout focuses on lower body, light cardio, inner thighs, obliques and some yummy stretches! Equipment used for this workout includes: pilates ball, hand weights, ankle weights and a magic circle, but as always, can be done with just your own bodyweight!

  • Abs + Arms

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  • Buns 'n Guns

    Fire up those buns n' guns with short and spicy series! We will use light hand weights in this Pilates Form & Strength workout but as always, it can be done with your own bodyweight!

  • Long Lean Legs

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  • Cardio + Core

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  • Full Body Live Class | 3.24.23

    This intermediate live class includes light cardio while targeting abs, arms, shoulders and stability. In this workout we are focusing on the smaller muscle groups. Equipment used in this workout includes: bosu ball, light hand weights and a long band.

  • Full Body Live Class | 3.8.23

    This intermediate workout focuses on shoulder and core strength while working the mobility and stability of the muscles. Equipment used in this workout includes: foam roller, light hand weights, BOSU or pilates ball for ab work. Workout can be done using your own bodyweight!

  • Full Body Live Class | 2.15.23

    This spicy workout will give you a full body burn! Equipment used for this class includes: BOSU, hand weights, pilates ball and short band. This workout can still be done without the use of equipment, just using your own body weight.

  • Full Body Live Class | 1.18.22

    This 1 hr live workout targets abs, arms and booty! Grab your hand weights, short band and magic circle and let's get to work!

  • Full Body Live Class | 12.7.22

    This 1 hour full body workout will give you that burn! All you need is 5 lb weights!

  • Full Body Live Class | 12.14.22

    This 1 hr live mat pilates class requires a long band, along with
    both light and heavy hand weights focusing on booty, biceps, triceps and core.

  • Full Body Live Class | 11.2.22

    This 1 hour live class focuses on abs, arms, booty, inner/outer thighs and ends with a stretching series! Grab both your light + heavy hand weights, long + short band along with your purple ball and get to work!

  • Full Body Live Class | 11.30.22

    This 1 hour live class focuses on a little bit of everything! Shoulder/rotator cuff work, core, glutes, inner + outer thighs while ending the workout with a stretching series. You will need a long band, short heavy band, light hand weights and a purple ball!

  • Full Body Live Class | 10.5.22

    This 55 min live workout focuses on arms, back, lateral glute movements, obliques and shoulders movement. Grab your BOSU ball, light hand weights + wrist weights and let’s get to work!

  • Full Body Live Class | 10.12.22

    This 1 hr live workout focuses on core, legs, light cardio and rotator cuff shoulder work. You will need light hand weights along with both a long and short band. Let’s get to work!

  • Full Body Live Class | 10.19.22

    This high intensity workout brings the burn focusing on arms, booty, cardio, core and outer thighs. Grab your ankle weights, heavy hand weights, purple band and short band and let’s get to work!

  • Full Body Live Class | 10.26.22

    This 1 hour live class brings the burn with back strength, cardio, core/obliques and lateral work for the booty and hips! All you need is a BOSU ball and light hand weights.

  • Full Body Live Class | 9.21.22

    This 1hr live workout targets arms, booty, legs and obliques using ankle weights, light hand weights, long band and purple ball.

  • Full Body Pilates Inspired Live Class | 9.28.22

    This 1hr live workout targets arms, back, booty, core, and inner thighs while focusing on stability work and full-body stretch. Grab your light hand weights, long band, magic circle, purple ball and feel the burn!