• Legs in Straps 4 | Reformer Pilates


  • Legs | 421

    This workout focuses on side-to-side movement to strengthen your hips, legs, and glutes.

  • Front and Back | Legs

    This circuit may take less than 5 minutes, but don't let that fool you. Pay attention to your muscles throughout this intense lower-body circuit, and adjust as needed.

  • Squats | Legs

    Perfect your squat form and feel the burn in your legs and glutes with this tough routine.

  • Intro | Legs

    There are countless leg and glute exercises, but the no-equipment moves in these workouts are some of my favorites that I’ve been using over the years with clients. Listen to your body and my cues to make sure you’re doing these moves safely—form is everything!

  • Combo Lunge | Legs

    This lunge sequence is no joke, so go at your own pace and range of motion as you tackle both basic lunges and combinations. A stable core and controlled movements are important during this routine, especially as you work through more advanced curtsy lunges and start to feel fatigued later in the...

  • Deadlift | Legs

    Deadlifting without weights might sound easy, but trust me, this workout is no walk in the park. We’ll home in on glutes and hamstrings with some challenging weightless deadlift variations that include single-leg movements and holds for stability. Pay attention to your form to maximize your effor...

  • Lateral | Legs

    Lateral, or side to side, exercises can help with both toning and building balance. This routine includes both slow, controlled movements and some fast-paced work at the end for a well-rounded workout that won’t leave you bored. With lower-body exercises like side raises, focus on squeezing your ...