• Banded Pilates Flow | 30 min

    In this 30 minute Pilates flow, we will use a long band, adding resistance to our sculpted workout. We will begin by opening up our chest and plugging our shoulders onto our back. This flow will fire your upper body and challenge the stability of your core. We will practice lateral movement, whil...

  • Low Impact Pilates Flow | 30 min

    This 30 minute low impact flow is designed to be a treat to your body! As we stretch, strengthen and unwind throughout this workout, be sure to listen to your body as we move. We will find where our body needs more love and work to re-align as we flow. You will need a pilates ball for this workout!

  • Bangin Bi's & Tri's | 20 min

    This seated bicep and tricep workout will fire your muscles in under 20 mins. We will begin by stretching our upper body and lubricating our joints, creating mobility within the shoulders. We will isolate the arms with each move to sculpt and tone, creating long lean muscle. Grab some light hand ...