Pilates Reformer | Sculpt

Pilates Reformer | Sculpt

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Pilates Reformer | Sculpt
  • Nathan x KadeeFit Member Spotlight | 30 min

    Pilates for men, yes it's a thing! This Member Spotlight was designed for a dear family member of mine, Nathan. This 40 minute Reformer sculpt and stretch will open up the hips creating more mobility within the joints, fire the calves and lats, while strengthening the core. This flow is perfect t...

  • Izzy x KadeeFit Member Spotlight | 20 min

    This 20 minute Member Spotlight | Izzy x KadeeFit will focus on all things core! During this flow, we will stabilize the hips and pelvis, open up the hip flexors and fire our abs! Take modifications as needed. Let me know how those abs feel in the comments below!

  • Reformer Sculpt | 60 min

    This 1 hour reformer sculpt will leave your full body on fire! Strengthen and lengthen as we flow together. You will need a pilates box for this reformer workout.

  • Reformer Flow | 50 min

    Flow with me as I take you through a reformer workout focusing on internal work, strengthening hip flexors and opening our shoulders! We will use a purple ball and magic circle for this workout.