Stretch + Cool Down

  • Kim x KadeeFit | Member Spotlight

    Meet Kim, our KadeeFit Member Spotlight of the Month! The Kim x KadeeFit is 20 minutes of stretch flow that will leave your body feeling elongated and free of tension! There is no equipment needed for this workout. Read below to learn more about our KadeeFit Member, Kim:

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  • Mat Pilates | Stretch

    When you work out hard, you should be stretching just as often. This mat stretching routine will help you get rid of muscle tension and relieve those aches and pains that build up throughout your fitness routine.

  • Intro | Foam Roll

    I put together these foam rolling workouts and exercises to give you some unique tools to mobilize, build strength, and recover from your regular routine. We’ll cover everything from back and hips to chest and neck, and even your feet as we work through my favorite foam roller moves.

  • Back Strong | Foam Roll

    Who says a foam roller is only for recovery? This quick routine will help you strengthen your back and develop perfect posture.

  • Inner Thigh And Hamstrings | Foam Roll

    Tight hamstring, glutes, and thighs can lead to a whole host of issues with your back and knees. Get ahead of it with this foam rolling routine to release tension.

  • Horizontal Neck and Shoulders | Foam Roll

    If you sit down for much of the day, chances are your neck and shoulders get tight — and maybe it's where you hold your stress. Roll out properly with these moves to ease tightness in your neck and shoulders.

  • Horizontal Back | Foam Roll

    With this foam rolling routine, we’ll work to loosen your upper back and thoracic, or middle, spine. As you go through this sequence, pay attention to my cues to make sure you’re protecting your spine and organs while reaping the benefits of this recovery method.

  • Tball Foot | Foam Roll

  • Tennis Ball Shoulders and Hips | Foam Roll

    Shoulders and hips feeling tight? All you need is a tennis ball or other small ball to release tension with these simple yet effective movements.

  • Open Chest And Shoulders | Foam Roll

    Upper-body range of motion is crucial to maintaining good posture and staying strong throughout your workouts—not to mention avoiding injuries. You’ll let gravity take over as you open up your chest and shoulders to counteract the repetitive movements we do in everyday life, like sitting at a des...

  • Ab And Back Stability | Foam Roll

    Your low back and abs are both crucial parts of overall core stability, and this workout targets both of them. I designed this routine using just a foam roller, but don’t think that means it’s easy. Take modifications as you need them and pay attention to form as you do these challenging exercise...

  • Hips | Foam Roll

    Healthy hips are part of a solid foundation for all of your workouts and in daily life. This segment will help you massage all of the areas on and around your hips, including your thighs and around your knees. Finding the spots on your body that need attention is important, so tune in to your mus...

  • Neck + Shoulders | Foam Roll

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  • 13 Min | Foam Roll Release

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    Release your upper back and forget stress with this quick foam-rolling routine.

  • Intro | Cool Down

    You know that every good workout starts with a warmup, but don’t neglect the cool down. Even if getting stronger is your main goal, building mobility will help you reach it. And aside from the physical, I designed these stretching sequences to foster a relaxed mindset as you open up your muscles ...

  • All Fours | Cool Down

    This is one of my favorite stretching sequences to get your lower body feeling fresh and recovered from any workout.

  • Seated | Cool Down

    Starting off with the upper body—including some stretches you could even do at your desk if you sit all day at work, this sequence will loosen your muscles from head to toe.

  • Lower Body | Cool Down

    This stretching series puts a big focus on lying stretches for your hips and lower back, all while flexing and lubricating your joints. Focus on your form, my cues, and your breath as you work through this series that has you on your back until the last minute, because moving correctly is everyth...

  • Warm Up | Stretch

    Get moving and warmed up from head to toe with this active stretching routine that will get your heart pumping in just over three minutes. It will help get your hips, back, legs, and upper body loosened up and ready to crush your workout.

  • Chair | Stretch

    Stretching is as important as sweating, so I designed this chair routine to focus on loosening up your muscles and releasing tension both physically and mentally. Focus on my cues and posture throughout the routine to make sure you’re getting the most out of these stretches.