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  • Intro Meditation | 1 min

    Meditation is dear to my heart, and I created these segments to encourage and uplift. Whether you want to relax post workout or just need a pick-me-up during a busy day or week, I hope you find peace in the stillness of these guided meditations.

  • Breathwork Meditation | 7 min

    How often do you think about your breath? Probably not as often as you should. Release stress as you breathe through this guided meditation.

  • Thankfulness Meditation | 6 min

    Be anxious for NOTHING! If you are feeling anxious, worrisome or struggling in an area of your life, sit still in this mediation. Breath and allow the weight of the world to fall off of your shoulders as you practice stillness and thankfulness.

  • Guard Your Heart Meditation | 6 min

    Cut through the noise and slow your mind down with this mediation that emphasizes the heart. We’ll talk through the ways you can guard your heart for your own benefit, even if it means saying goodbye to certain relationships in your life.

  • Faith Over Fear Meditation | 5 min

    After finding stillness, this meditation focuses on inhaling faith and exhaling fear. We’ll think about something that causes us fear, but focusing on having faith that it will be okay. Turn doubts into declarations and release fear.

  • Renew & Write It Out Meditation | 5 min

    Release the tension in your body as you focus on breathing and comfortable stillness during this guided meditation. The focus is on renewing the mind, focusing on the things in this world and in our lives that are uplifting and serve our goals and our hearts.

  • Write It Out Meditation | 6 min

    As we move through this meditation, we’ll examine our goals and spotlight the importance of writing down the things we wish to achieve. I hope my own story of persistence in manifesting my goals inspires you to do the same.

  • Affirmations Meditation | 7 Min

  • Self Love Meditation | 9 min

  • Miracles Meditation | 6 min