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  • Quickie Stretch | 5 min

    Find length within the body with this full body stretch + release.

  • Des x KadeeFit Member Spotlight | 30 min

    Meet DES, our KadeeFit Member Spotlight of the Month! The Des x KadeeFit is 20 minutes of stretch flow that will leave your body feeling elongated and free of tension! There is no equipment needed for this workout. Read below to learn more about our KadeeFit Member, Des:

    3 words to describe your...

  • Lower Body Stretch | 10 min

    This lower body stretch focuses on your hips, hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, IT band piriformis, inner thigh and spinal rotation. Make sure you are breathing and try to relax in your stretches. Option to pad up the knees and incorporate the yoga blocks to make the stretching a little more i...

  • Neck & Shoulder Stretch | 8 min

    This sequence will loosen your up your shoulders, creating new found mobility in your joints!

  • Chair Stretch | 8 min

    This chair stretch will work your spinal mobility, lateral flexion and rotation of the spine. We will also open and stretch the hip releasing any tension both physically and spiritually.

  • Pilates Stretch Flow | 15 min

    This 15 min Pilates Stretch flow focuses on circular patterns to loosen and lubricate the joints. We will open up the hips, shoulders and back while also performing a little core work. As we age, our bodies get stiff and it is vital to our health to show love to our joints!