Live Classes | Full Body

Live Classes | Full Body

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Live Classes | Full Body
  • Live Class | 2.21.24 | Vol 1

    This 30 minute live class will take you through a stretch warm up before we fire the glutes, arms and abs, while incorporating some light cardio. We will isolate the muscles to leave your body sculpted. Always an option to take modifications and use your own body weight. Equipment used during thi...

  • Live Class | 2.7.24 | Vol 1

    This 30 minute live workout will fire the full body while challenging your balance and stability. We will use the BOSU to challenge control within the body and isolating muscles. We will burn out our upper body and core while strengthening the legs. BOSU is optional, take modifications as needed ...

  • Live Class | 1.31.24 | Vol 1

    In this 30 minute live class we will focus on firing the shoulders, triceps and upper body! Equipment will be light to heavy hand weights along with a long band to open up / stretch the chest and shoulders.

  • Live Class | 1.24.24 | Vol 1

    This live class with challenge your balance and stability while firing the arms and booty.

  • Live Class | 1.17.24 | Vol 1

  • Live Class | 12.21.23 | Vol 1

  • Live Class | 12.6.23 | Vol 1

  • Live Class | 11.29.23 | Vol 1

  • Live Class | 11.15.23 | Vol 1

    11.15.23 | Join me for this live workout to de stress while isolating the booty and core. For this flow, you will need a BOSU, ankle weights and hand weights!

  • Live Class | 11.8.23 | Vol 1

    11.8.23 | This live workout is 30 minutes of shoulder, booty, and light cardio work. We will light-medium hand weights!

  • Booty Blast & Core | 11.1.23

    This live class will fire the glutes and work the core! Equipment used during this class includes: short band, light & heavy weights (2-3 lb + 5 lb) purple pilates ball and ankle weights. Take modifications as needed.

  • Booty Burn | Live Class 9.13.23

    Meet me on the mat for this 40 minute live class. This will leave you feeling long and lean while sculpting that booty! Equipment used: ankle weights, foam roller, pilates ball and light hand weights. Take modifications as needed, workout can be done using your own bodyweight!

  • Pilates Body | Live Class 9.6.23

    Join me for this 50 minute full body pilates strength class. We will be using a long and short band, pilates ball and light hand weights. This can always be done using your own bodyweight!

  • Long Lean Sculpt | Live Class 8.30.23

    This 1 hour live class will leave your entire body feeling sculpted. For this workout, we will use light hand weights, ankle weights and light booty band! Take modifications as needed - equipment not required.

  • Booty & Arms | Live Class 8.23.23

    Join me for this full body live class focusing on building the booty and sculpting the arms! You will need light hand weights and a long & short band. As always, this workout can be done using your own bodyweight! Listen to your body and take modifications as needed.

  • Full Body Energizer | Live Class 8.2.23

    Join me in this live class for a full body energizer! Wake that body up from the inside out using light hand weights focusing on arms, core and legs!

  • Full Body | Live Class 6.21.23

  • Full Body | Live Class 6.7.23

  • Full Body | Live Class 5.17.23

    Fire up that full body with this live BOSU burn! Light hand weights are used during this workout, but can always be modified using your bodyweight!

  • Full Body | Live Class 5.10.23

    This full body live class will fire that up those muscles using a long band, short band, magic circle and light hand weights.

  • Full Body | Live Class 4.19.23

    This live workout targets abs, arms and booty! Equipment used includes: light to medium hand weights, pilates ball and a short band. Workout can be done using your own bodyweight!