Pilates Mat | Live Classes

Pilates Mat | Live Classes

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Pilates Mat | Live Classes
  • Mat Pilates Flow | 4.3.24 | 30 min

    This 30 minute live class will focus on the foundation of mat Pilates as we work the full body. Using light hand weights, we will work the glutes, release back pain, strengthen our core and engage our arm muscles. All you need is a mat and light hand weights, but remember to listen to your body a...

  • Full Body Pilates | 3.27.24 | 50 min

    Join me for this 50 minute pilates mat class. We will use a handful of equipment as we begin by stretching and opening up the body, then moving into our pilates work. This class will fire the full body, allowing us to focus on connecting to our muscle through each move. This is a perfect class to...

  • Core & Glutes | 3.21.24 | 20 min

    Join me for this live pilates mat class where we will isolate the core while perking that peach! We will use a short resistance band for an extra burn and light hand weights for some weighted ab work. Be sure to move with intention as we fire some smaller, more intrinsic muscles within our body. ...

  • Core & Back | 3.7.24 | 25 min

    This live class will sculpt that back and fire the core. We will use props throughout the workout to work our smaller, intrinsic muscles. This workout can be done using your own bodyweight, still making it a spicy workout!

  • Back & Abs | 2.29.24 | 25 min

  • Back & Core Stability | 11.22.23 | 30 min

    This 30 min pilates sculpt workout focuses on core strength, back stability and stretching with a foam roller. For this mat flow, you will need a foam roller, magic circle and pilates ball!

  • Full Body Sculpt | 2.21.24 | 25 min

    This 30 minute mat pilates class will work the glutes and core, along with some light arm work. We will do some extension work to open and strengthen your back body. You will need light to heavy hand weights, long band and a pilates ball. Take modifications as needed!

  • Banded Booty Burn | 2.15.24 | 25 min

    This live class will burn out the glutes and thighs while targeting the core. We will end with a delicious stretch series to end the workout, leaving you feeling strong and ready to tackle the day! All you need is a short band for this workout, take modifications as needed.

  • Pilates Yoga Flow | 2.7.24 | 25 min

    This mat pilates yoga flow will open your body creating length and space within the body. Join me for 25 minutes as we flow working legs, glutes obliques and our smaller instrinsic abdominal muscles. No equipment needed for this workout!

  • Upper Body Sculpt | 1.31.24 | 25 min

    This 30 minute mat class with use the long band and light hand weights to fire the abs & arms. Join me as we sculpt and shape that upper body!

  • Core & Glute Strength | 1.24.24 | 25 min

    This 25 min live mat class with lead with killer core work while burning out the booty with side lying work. Equipment used for this workout will be a short band and a boss (optional).

  • Full Body Blast | 1.17.24 | 20 min

  • Total Tone Up | 12.21.23 | 25 min

  • Bosu Blast | 12.6.23 | 25 min

  • Cardio & Strength Stability | 11.29.23 | 25 min

  • Inner Thigh & Booty Sculpt | 11.8.23 | 20 min

    This live workout focuses on mat pilates moves that sculpt the inner thighs, core and booty. For this workout, you will need a magic circle, pilates ball, boss and light hand weights.

  • Killer Mat Pilates | 4.26.23 | 55 min

    This full body pilates mat live class is killer! Long band is optional in this workout and can be done using your own bodyweight!

  • Full Body Burn | 4.12.23 | 55 min

    This intermediate live class begins with stretching to open up the shoulders and hips before getting into movement strengthening the smaller more intrinsic muscle groups including, booty, arms, shoulders and core. Equipment used includes: long band, ankle weights, pilates ball and light hand weig...

  • Abs & Booty | 1.25.23 | 50 min

    This mat pilates workout focuses on abs, booty and hips! No equipment needed for this full body blast!