A Workouts | Strength Equipment

A Workouts | Strength Equipment

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A Workouts | Strength Equipment
  • Full Body Strength | 30 min

  • Bangin Bi's & Tri's | 20 min

    This seated bicep and tricep workout will fire your muscles in under 20 mins. We will begin by stretching our upper body and lubricating our joints, creating mobility within the shoulders. We will isolate the arms with each move to sculpt and tone, creating long lean muscle. Grab some light hand ...

  • Upper Body Cardio Blast | 30 min

  • Booty Core Sculpt | 40 min

    This 40-minute sculpt will fire up your booty + core using light ankle weights! Workout can be done using your own bodyweight, take modifications as needed. Let's sculpt those long lean lines!

  • Weighted Upper Body | 30 min

  • Pia x KadeeFit Member Spotlight | 30 min

    This high intensity 30 min workout targets booty, cardio, core and inner + outer thighs. I recommend using 1-3lb ankle weights and hand weights.

  • Standing Lower Body Strength | 30 min

  • Bosu Sculpt | 2.7.24 | 30 min

    This 30 minute live workout will fire the full body while challenging your balance and stability. We will use the BOSU to challenge control within the body and isolating muscles. We will burn out our upper body and core while strengthening the legs. BOSU is optional, take modifications as needed ...

  • Amelia x KadeeFit Member Spotlight | 35 min

    Meet Amelia, our KadeeFit Member Spotlight of the Month! The Amelia x KadeeFit will begin by stabilizing muscles for the pelvis and back. If you experience any SI joint pain or pain in your back for lack of strength, this will get you out of pain immediately. Listen to your body take modification...

  • Marilyn x KadeeFit Member Spotlight | 30 min

    Meet Marilyn, our KadeeFit Member Spotlight of the month! The Marilyn x KadeeFit is a 30 minute sculpt x strength class that fires your full body using a long band, a bosu and a pilates purple ball. You can modify this workout using light hand weights instead!

  • Weighted Abs | 20 min

    Fire that core with some of my favorite weighted ab exercises!

  • Pilates Full Body | 9.18.23 | 50 min

    Join me for this 50 minute full body pilates strength class. We will be using a long and short band, pilates ball and light hand weights. This can always be done using your own bodyweight!