Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

If you have access to a reformer, hop on and get it done with these next-level classes!

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Reformer Pilates
  • Legs & Straps 2 Reformer | 7 min

    Leg strength is the focus of this series, but you'll also get plenty of stretching in throughout your lower body and back in this legs and straps sequence.

  • Legs in Straps 1 Reformer | 8 min

    Also called the "dessert of Pilates," this legs and straps work will have you feeling the fire in your legs. Pay attention to my cues and work within your range of motion to get the most out of this series.

  • Booty Series 2 Reformer | 10 min

    This series will get your hips moving and glutes burning in no time with circular and sweeping movements focusing on one leg at a time.

  • Booty Series 1 Reformer | 10 min

    Glutes and hamstrings take center stage in this series, where we'll focus on one leg at a time to really get those smaller intrinsic muscles firing.

  • Back Extension 2 | Reformer Pilates | 8 Minutes

    In this segment, we'll start small with shoulder shrugs and work through a range of controlled extension and pressing moves to build strength and flexibility in the back.

  • Back Extension 1 | Reformer Pilates | 10 Minutes

    This one is for those looking to strengthen their posterior chains — the muscles on the back half of your body that play a big role in stability and preventing neck and back pain.

  • Planks 1 Reformer | 8 Min

    Planks may be known as a core exercise, but these this reformer plank variation flow will help lengthen and strengthen your entire body.

  • Arms Series 1 | Reformer Pilates

    This seated arm series isn't easy, but the work will be worth it! We'll focus on one arm at a time with rotations, pulses, and big stretches to open up and strengthen your muscles.

  • Abs Rear Facing | Reformer Pilates | 5 Minutes

    This segment works every angle of your core, from your six-pack muscles to the obliques. Take my cues on the weights to start at and on form to get the most out of this routine.

  • Abs Short Box 1 | Reformer Pilates

    Slow and controlled is the name of the game with this tough core segment that focuses on strength and stability.

  • Bridge Series 1 Reformer | 6 min

    Strengthen your lower back and stabilize your hips with this series of bridge variation exercises.

  • Single Leg 2 Reformer | 7 min

    Get stronger one leg at a time with this routine that takes you through a series of single-leg movements to work all of the muscles in your lower body.

  • Lunges Reformer | 8 min

    Get ready to feel those leg muscles! We'll focus on one leg at a time in this scooter segment that'll get your quads and hamstrings burning.

  • Leg Series 1 Reformer | 9 min

    This leg series will take you through plenty of pulses and range of motion work to get even the smallest muscles in your legs firing while also strengthening your lower back and core — crucial for those looking to relieve back pain!

  • Hip Flexor + Hamstring Reformer Stretch | 8 min

    I created this lunge series to stretch and strengthen your legs with the help of the reformer. Keep my cues in mind and take any modifications you need to get the most out of this workout.

  • Reformer Warm Up Stretch 1 | 5 min

    Warm up your entire body from head to toe with this routine. We'll focus on gently lengthening your muscles with the help of the reformer and without forcing any stretches.

  • Intro Reformer | Reformer Pilates

    The Pilates reformer has changed my life, and after nearly two decades of this work, I'm confident it can change yours, too! These workouts will help you build stability, get stronger and stay pain-free in day-to-day life.

  • Abs Hands & Straps 1 | Reformer Pilates

    If you want to build abs of steel, look no further than this segment that incorporates straps to kick up the burn. Pay close attention to my cues and modifications to avoid any bad pain.

  • Bridge Series 2 | Reformer Pilates

    This bridge segment was designed to build lower back mobility and strengthen your entire lower body.

  • Single Leg 1 Reformer | 8 min

    Legs and glutes are the focus of this single-leg segment. We'll isolate one leg at a time to get all-around great results.